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My Favourite COLLIN’S Pairing

At COLLIN’S, you can have either pasta or rice with Beef Bolognese.

Since we are still confined – in Singapore anyway – to a maximum 2 to a table (until Monday 12 July 2021 when it goes up to 5), an entire bottle may be too much, especially if you are going to try some other wine.

My pairing recommendation for Beef Bolognese Baked Rice/Pasta is Levorato Cabernet Sauvignon 2019.

By the Glass, it’s S$9++. For the entire bottle, that’s S$39++.

Levorato Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 is bristling with the aroma and palate of ripe capsicum and blackcurranty fruit. There’s lots of freshness to bite through all that rich beef Bolognese. Yummy!

For the full menu, wine list, and addresses of all COLLIN’S outlets, go to collins.sg.

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