My Favourite Clan 7™ Pairings

Domaine la Grande Bellane Cotes du Rhone Village Valreas 2019  (S$69 ++)  is organically grown in the south of France. 

The delicious red shows violets, deep dark cherry fruit and rich tannins. The intense fruitiness is wrapped in round freshness. Domaine la Grande Bellane advises to decant for 60 to 90 minutes for the wine and fruit to open up. 

The Cotes du Rhone Village Valreas 2019 is an excellent pairing with “Moutai Chicken” with Distilled Chinese Liquor in Claypot (S$21.80++).

An equally spirited pairing with the dish would, of course, be Kweichow Moutai (S$628 ++).

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I declare my interest that I am Wine Consultant to Clan 7™.

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My Favourite Clan 7™ Pairings

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