Founder Partner Chef NEO Jun Hao was  Runner-Up World Championship Young Talent Escoffier 2019 (held in Bordeaux)


“While many people are flying to Bangkok, you can experience modern Thai cuisine right at Jalan Besar that could just transport you to the land of smiles.”      DANIELFOODDIARY.COM

Last month, 14 July 2022, I enjoyed a lunch which blew me away.

Actually, I don’t usually take lunch when back in Singapore. This is because when travelling for work, I enjoy lunch, dinner and wine at the chateaux or wineries and it takes a toll when I look in the mirror or when I cannot find my feet when looking down at the floor.

Back home, I try and compensate for the professional indulgence by forgoing the afternoon meal.

Except, the lunch on July 14th was work related as I had to interview a staff of the kitchen at her workplace.

So it was that together with Edmund Toh, President Disciples of Escoffier Singapore Delegation and Honorary President, Singapore Chefs Association, we visited Hue on 123 Tyrwhitt Road.

Founder Partner Chef NEO Jun Hao’s reputation precedes him.

Winner of Asia Pacific Young Talent Escoffier 2019 and Runner-Up World Championship Young Talent Escoffier 2019 (held, incidentally, in Bordeaux), Hue is not about French food but an incredible take on Thai Cuisine.

Hue is at 123 Tyrwhitt Road in Jalan Besar. Just opposite the restaurant is a multi-storey carpark

I admit to be a total novice to Thai cooking and stereo-type it as green, yellow, red and Massaman curry, egg omelette, pad thai and Phuket Yellow Noodles.

What I experienced last month was beyond and above all that (delicious as those dishes can be).

Three Little Pigs was crackling skin, tasty belly pork with a sensational seasoning. Pulps Garden, the starter with pomelo and slivers of prawn was delicate and subtle. Paper Fish was barramundi with a spark of chilli fire and will be sensational with a Tawny Port.

I have not tried Green and Curry and Mamasan (Massaman curry with roti prata) but, given the tornado experience I had, cannot wait to be swept away.

Pulps Garden

Three Little Pigs

Next Wednesday 17 August 2022, we have paired an 8-course dinner at Hue for $179 nett. The restaurant is charging us $140 nett per person. The $39 extra will be for 4 Western Australian whites and reds and 3 Ports, a total of 7 wines which works out to $3.50 for each wine.

I am biased of course but I think the $179 nett dinner represents exceptional value. A discovery waiting to be experienced. We are not making a dime from the dinner but are organising it because it will be such delicious fun.

We have places for up to 10 readers. If just 4 signs up, we will proceed regardless. But, please decide no later than 5 pm, Friday 12 August 2022 as we need to let the restaurant know by then if we are keeping our reservation.

Hue is so incredibly popular since it opened in May, it is doing two sittings every night. Exceptionally for us, even though we have taken the first sitting, Hue is allowing us to stay beyond that.

Please sign up!!!

To do that, just click 

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