Winery of the Week • A New Column 


Bellavista will be first Winery of the Week

This is the last GrapeVine on a Friday.

Starting November, GrapeVine will appear on a Monday.

The change co-incides with the launching of new columns.

Today, on our sister website, we are launching a new weekly report.

Our first Restaurant of the Week column spotlights Imperial Treasure Paris, opened just last month and already making waves in the French capital.

I would like to declare my interest here insofar as the restaurant group had engaged my services to organise several pre-opening lunches and dinners there. One of my specialities being Chinese Art, I had the pleasure and privilege of explaining what Huaiyang Cuisine is about to French and international media invited to the restaurant.

Next Wednesday 30 October, will be launching a Winery of the Week column.

We will take you to Franciacorta, the region producing the most commanding Italian sparkling wine made to the same exacting standards of Champagne. The new column will also be a weekly.

We look forward very much to your visiting our websites.

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.

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