Since losing my phone on 28 December 2022 at Chatelet Les Halles station in Paris, I have discovered several things.

I won’t bore you with too many except the following discovery.

You might like to know that with SingtelAmerican Express and Kris Shop, you can sign into those accounts and, after signing in, elect to have the One Time Password sent to your mobile phone or email.

As the iPhone was. pickpocketed, I chose email.

I have been able to pay my Singtel bill; check the AMEX account; and, redeem a gift for my daughter on Kris Shop. 

I have had no such luck, however, with UOB or United Overseas Bank

I normally do my banking via mobile phone. 

Since losing that, I have no choice but to resort to the internet. 

After signing in with my password, the OTP was sent to the mobile. No other choice is offered.

I called UOB on the land line in the house and asked if they could, instead, divert the OTP to the email address (which is registered with them and where I receive their alerts anyway), duly informing the phone had been pickpocketed.

I impressed upon UOB, being the end of the month, I had bills to pay and also to check if payments have been received.


I have to fill up, and hand in, a form to divert the OTP to the email.

“But, I don’t get back till January 16th”.


Welcome to banking in the 21st Century!

Wishing you A Better Week Ahead!

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