Bellavista Saten 2015 

The first vintage of this pure chardonnay Blanc de Blancs Franciacorta was 1984. Produced only when the quality warrants it, Saten is the local Lombardian name for a kind of silk. The allusion is fully justified because Saten is truly silky. In fact, it is even more indulgent in texture. Creamy, the elegant ripe fruit is rich and restrained at the same time. Bright straw in colour  – which all but suggests the wine is very young with great potential for ageing and evolution – the honey-ish fruit is succulent and fresh in the same mouthful. About full-bodied, there is a delicate minerally/beewax quality to the fruitiness. Reminds of Grand Cru Cramant cuvées from Champagne.

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