Lost & Found and Laundry at T3 Singapore Airport

Welcome to EDITION 730 of GRAPEVINE

Often times, we make discoveries as a result of a setback.

So it was that returning from Yamanashi via Haneda Airport on Wednesday, the aircraft touched down about 11.30 pm. 

I had no check-in luggage as it was a relatively short 3-night trip.

Reaching home past mid-night, I realised I had left my MacBook in the seat pocket.

By then, it was too late to call the SATS or Singapore Airport Terminal Services’ office because whichever airline you fly, they are the contractor for “Lost & Found”.

Although the “Lost & Found” office itself operates 24-hour round-the-clock, the admin office that deals with enquiries operates 7 am – 11 pm.

They had found my MacBook and I went back to the airport yesterday. I am very lucky because I am leaving for Dusseldorf/Bordeaux/Champagne tomorrow. I reached T3 Singapore Airport about 11.30 am.

Everybody – from the “Lost & Found” telephone receptionist, the two ladies at Information desk at T3 Singapore Airport, policewoman and policeman at the T3 gate, to the young lady at “Lost & Found” itself was helpful, courteous, and thoroughly professional. I am very grateful indeed to all of them.

Just before leaving – MacBook safely in my arms – I said to the young lady at “Lost & Found” something which would normally be considered extremely rude. Except she smiled when she heard me.

‘I don’t normally say this, but I hope I never see you again.’

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.


P.S. The discovery I made at Terminal 3 is that there is now a service that can wash and dry-clean your laundry and return them after four days. That seems a bit long in today’s age but, then again, it’s a useful service. So, if you are flying in and out of Singapore and needs a fresh change of clothes, you now have this additional option.

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