Dominic Symington Single Harvest Tawnies 1940, 1963, 1994

Dominic Symington, Director, Symington Family Estates, with three of their Single Harvest tawnies. The wines are also used for blending into their other tawnies, including 40-Year-Old. As for Single Harvest, they are bottled individually by cask, each of which yield around 650 bottles. There were two casks of 1940 Single Harvest Tawny. Undaunted wine lovers buy both versions to savour and contemplate their nuances. 1963 was four casks and 1994 nineteen casks.

1994 is very smoky/toasty. 1940 is darkest with figs, liquorice and deep dark fruit and freshness. It remind of a Pedro Ximenez. 1963 – a medium coloured Pu-erh – is citrus peel, dried Chinese prunes and, on the finish, a kiss of menthol. The freshness – like a V12 engine – is endless. Ethereal.

Every bottle is numbered with information of the number of casks involved.

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