Huawei is Stuffed


Last Friday – not for the first time – I dropped my phone.

The screen wouldn’t light up.

Apart from being – and having been – shattered in several places on the front, the rear glass cover next to the “On” knob was also badly damaged.

Action Station!

I rushed down to the nearest Singtel shop to see if there were any deals on Huawei phones.

Only to be told the newest models cannot download Google Apps.

As I know of a place which sells mobile phones for quite the lowest prices in Singapore, I rerouted there.

Sure enough, they still have Huawei P30 Pro, first launched in Paris in March 2019 and the last Huawei model able to download Google Apps.

I had switched from iphoneX  to Huawei Mate Pro 20 in 2017 because of the Leica lens photography in the latter.

At a dinner with the family, I took the same photo of a bottle label with iPhoneX and Huawei Mate Pro 20 which one of my sisters-in-law had just acquired.

The result was so much better with Huawei, it was a no brainer even for someone with no brain.  

But, last Friday’s discovery that new Huawei phones are not able to access Google revealed a stark reality.

Who would buy a mobile phone that is Google unfriendly?

Huawei is truly stuffed.

Wishing you A Very Good Week Ahead.



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