Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Approach


This is the part I don’t get.

After their incredulous decision in allowing visitors from the sub-continent into the country – bringing the Indian variant to Singapore – the Multi-Ministry Task Force is now all cautious and postponing dining-in for another week – and, only possibly – to 21 June 2021.

(It’s relatively easy to get a fake university degree and fake negative Covid test certificate in India).

Being cautious is not a bad thing but the part I don’t get is this.

  • Why wasn’t the Multi-Ministry Task Force as equally cautious in preventing visitors from India and the sub-continent into Singapore in the first place?

Why this Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde approach?

The whole world was aware of the deadly danger the Indian variant posed, including to children. And how incredibly infectious it is.

If the Multi-Ministry Task Force had been cautious then, we wouldn’t had gone into four weeks of lockdown. And a fifth week of not being able to sit in a coffee shop, hawker centre, and restaurant.

Their appalling action also punctured another Travel Bubble to Hong Kong. And caused the World Economic Forum to cancel their much-anticipated meeting here.

Billions of dollars, hopes, dreams, aspirations, jobs, and optimism have evaporated.

So, Multi-Ministry Task Force, stop telling us to be focused and disciplined in tackling Covid.

We were, we still are.

You stay focused and disciplined yourself?

Please don’t offer solutions to problems which you created in the first place.

Wishing you A Good Weekend.

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