Conflict of Interest


A wine writer should not sell wine.

Just as someone who writes about the stockmarket should not be selling – or buying – shares.

There is a conflict of interest.

Last Saturday 26 September 2020, I started selling wine for the first time.

I launched a new website called to do that.

I am declaring my interest to you.

I am doing so as a writer and as a trained lawyer.

Because I owe it to you as my reader.


I started selling wine because of Covid.

After returning from Italy and France in early March, Singapore went into lockdown.

Even now, travel is not possible.

(Last month, Air France told me I would not be able to board a flight to Paris because going to Bordeaux to taste wine is not considered “an essential activity”).

I have also not been able to organise tastings, dinners or trips.

In fact, we have had to postpone, twice, tours to Bordeaux and the Douro (and shelf another to Champagne).

We will now have to cancel them altogether because France – particularly – has seen a surge in daily Covid infections.


Whereas the vast majority of people who sell wine also distribute those wines, does not distribute wine.

In fact, it was a distributor who suggested I help sell their wine.

The distributor’s business has been adversely affected – first – by the lockdown and then – when that was partially lifted – the slow restaurant trade.

As we do not want to work with just one single distributor and be accused of favouritism, we began helping sell wines from two distributors last Saturday.

Since 48 hours ago, another two distributors have approached us to do the same for them.

I hope you will keep me on my toes.

To ensure I do not ever end up distributing wine, writing about them, and selling them to you.

Wishing You A Very Good Week Ahead.



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