My Favourite Chardonnay

The purest Chardonnay in the world is Chablis and Blanc des Blancs Champagne.

When they are unoaked.

The combination of cool – almost cold – climate and limestone terroir means the Chardonnay fruit is as pure as driven snow.

The same pristine, tingling sensation cascading from a waterfall.


It was, and remains, the first and greatest white Burgundy there is.


I drink more Chablis than Chardonnay from any other region dedicated to this noble white variety.

I am privileged to recommend you the finest Chablis I have tasted in 2020.

Even as I recommend it to you, myself has purchased the same outstanding wine from Domaine Maurice Tremblay.

If you love unoaked Chardonnay driven by purpose, precision and definition, check it out at

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