Cognac Martell Centenary 1921

Martell Centenary 1921 was offered at €25,000. Most countries – including Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and France – were allocated a single bottle

The oldest of the great Cognac houses, MARTELL was founded 307 years ago in 1715 by JEAN MARTELL (1694 – 1753) from Jersey of the Channel Islands.

Today owned by French drinks giant PERNOD RICARD, Martell is celebrated the world over for its exquisite cognac.

The MARTELL CENTENARY 1921 was launched in 2021. 

Only 50 bottles were produced and just 45 offered for sale at €25,000 each. Most countries were allocated one bottle, including Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and France.

Cognac Martell Master Blender & Cellarmaster Christophe Valtaud is the fourth-generation of a family of growers and distillers

The creator of CENTENARY 1921 is Martell Master Blender & Cellarmaster Christophe Valtaud

The fourth-generation of a family of Cognac growers and distiller, Valtaud advises to always keep the bottle standing upright. The cork will last 10 years and Cognac Martell will install a new one if requested. 

“Never”, Valtaud cautions, store the bottle horizontally like a bottle of wine as the spirit will gnaw away at the cork. 

Transferred to a demi-john in 1987 after 66 years in cask, MARTELL CENTENARY 1921 is pure Fine Champagne.

Tasting Notes
Cognac Martell Centenary 1921

Perfume of sandalwood and young apricots with a delicate vegetal note. Unbelievably fresh, youthful and lively. Like an unrestrained child jumping and bouncing on a bed as if it were a trampoline. Lift-off!!

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