Champagne Palmer & Co Collection 1999

In the decade of the 1990s, 1999 produced good to very good but not great wines. 1995 is generally better. So too 1996 although that is now recognised as being over-rated (if only they had picked later). 1998 is usually superior  to 1999 and if you can find 1997, that is a very elegant vintage along the line of the equally overlooked 1993. There is little doubt tough that the greatest vintage of the decade is the year that started it all, namely 1990, a sumptuous wine with intensity and concentration backed up by lots of vitality. Palmer & Co (not to be confused with Chateau Palmer of Margaux, Bordeaux) is located at 67 rue Jacquart in Reims. Their champagnes are hard to come by in South-East Asia except in Hong Kong where it is well distributed and where I had purchased this bottle. Collection is their ultimate selection, vintages that have been left on lees for an extended time before being disgorged and sent out to the world. Bright light gold. Sandalwood, appley/light cider fruit that is slightly nutty. Dry and firm. Medium-bodied. Drink up.

💰Retail Price: Around HKD920-
📦Chamapgne could be found at : 
🔹Watson’s Wine (Hong Kong)

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