Too Clever for Our Own Good

Welcome to EDITION 723 of GRAPEVINE

Nature, like a lover, is possessive.

It does not like to be circumvented or cheated.

When that happens Nature bites back.

Last week, I bought two Spanish persimmons. They looked utterly delicious.

Beautifully, lusciously shaped, I eyed them with lust and relish 

And was thinking about them even before I finished dinner, when I was going to devour one of them.

I even rushed the meal so that I could sink my teeth into the satiny skin and velvety flesh.

After dinner, I impatiently took out one of the prized persimmons.

And sliced it into two halves.

I was immediately put on my guard as to what I saw.

The persimmon had no seeds.

The fruit had been developed by food scientists so that, without seeds, it would be more convenient to eat.

That may have been the case but the persimmon was not very tasty. It looked perfect but was imperfect in taste 

Nature doesn’t like to be interfered in this way.

When that happens, the unnatural occurs.

And Nature punishes us for being too smarty pants.

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.


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