Thank You For Your Precious Support

We did not expect the response to be so overwhelming.

Chateau Petrus 1996 Dinner 28 January 2021 was fully booked even before the menu (and the other wines) were made known.

Only 5 seats were available, but 8 of you made reservations.

Which meant three were unsuccessful. Then also followed another three enquiries.

As a result, we organized a second Petrus 1996 Dinner 3 February 2021.

Ex-Chateau Petrus

Both bottles are directly from Chateau Petrus.

Here in Singapore, I keep my wine in three locations.

While I purchase champagne, white, rosé and red wine from distributors, all my Bordeaux wines are from Bordeaux, all ex-chateau.

Jean-Claude Berrouet outside his home in Montagne-Saint-Emilion. In the background is the 11th Century Church of St Georges

Last night, I emailed Jean-Claude Berrouet concerning how long 1996 should be decanted. He counsels an hour.

Jean-Claude was responsible for making Petrus from 1964 to 2008 when he retired (and his elder son Olivier taking over the reins).

At the time he started, Jean-Claude was only 21.

In his 44 years at Petrus, only two vintages were not produced. Before his tenure, 1956 was also not made.

I have known Jean-Claude for more than 20 years.

At the two Singapore dinners, apart from speaking about the wines, I will be sharing anecdotes with participants, including a trip Jean-Claude and I made together to Scotland.

Wine is more interesting when about people whose lives are intertwined with it.

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