Never Colder Than …

Just as you would never drink a red cold – cool is fine but no colder than that – the same goes for rosé.

Otherwise, the fruit will be locked up and numbed. And, like a polar bear, goes into hibernation.

Temperature per se is not enough.

The wine should arrive at the desirable temperature having risen from a lower one. So, for example, if you wish to enjoy a red between 18 and 22° Celsius, the fruit will shine arriving between 18 and 22° Celsius from a lower temperature.

Going from a lower to a higher temperature ensures the wine opens up.

Every time a wine gets colder, it shuts down and closes up.

Never drink a rosé colder than a white, whether the rosé is still or sparkling.


Bright pink ruby. A full-bodied champagne that explodes with intense red cherry fruit, pink grapefruit, star anise spice, and a pinch of tannins on the finish. A rich, firm, winey champagne rosé. A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Premier and Grand Cru villages. The bottle shape is a Victorian design to register the fact that Joseph Perrier was the favourite champagne of Queen Victoria and her son King Edward VII.

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