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Stop Blaming Us • Start Owning Up


Not owning up to our mistake is irresponsible. To apologise is to display honesty and show accountability. To apologise and resign is to reveal unusual but exemplary honour. To divert blame or find a scapegoat is to sink into a subterranean abyss. The world’s most expensive, highest-paid professional politicians. Clockwise from top left: CHAN Chun Sing, ONG Ye Kung, Lawrence Wong, and Desmond Lee

Will Singapore’s new 4-G leadership stop invoking the bogeyman of Singapore needs foreign workers” to excuse their appalling decision to allow visitors from India into Singapore?

Stop blaming us. Start owning up.

Singaporeans are fully aware we need foreign workers just as we know a baby needs milk powder (or to be breast-fed).

Would you then be as reckless to import milk powder from China?

There is an opportunity cost in every decision one makes in life.

The question is whether the trade-off is worth the risk.

The whole world knew of the deadly danger of the Indian variant.

That it is ultra infectious, killed, and continues to kill more people in India than anywhere else on planet earth.

Yet, you made that costly decision against the lives of everyone – including children, front-line health workers, and immigration and police officers – living and working in Singapore.

You also risked the Singapore economy returning to health.

Because of your mind-boggling judgement, we are now back in lockdown; the Singapore Hong Kong Travel Bubble burst a second time; the Shangri-La Dialogue called off; and, the much anticipated World Economic Forum cancelled a second time by its founder.

I think you owe the country and everyone living here an explanation.

No more red-herring Singapore needs foreign workers” please.

Will the most expensive, highest-paid politicians in the world care to enlighten how your superior intellect came to make that decision – risking everything for India – to:

  • Thousands of Singapore and other schoolchildren residing here who were looking forward – finally after 16 months – to their first holiday in Hong Kong
  • Thousands of their parents and family members who were going to accompany them on this second botched promise
  • Thousands of Singapore Airlines ground staff, stewardesses, stewards, and pilots who got vaccinated and were looking forward to returning to work and payday after the national carrier lost a staggering S$4.3 billion for the financial year ended 31 March 2021
  • Thousands of washers, cleaners, technicians, food preparers, chefs, and office staff at SATS who prepare food for Singapore Airlines to earn a livelihood
  • Thousands of Grab, Gojek, and taxi drivers who were going to ferry them to the airport in order to support their families
  • Thousands of security guards, doormen, concierge, front-desk, room-service, waiters, waitresses, captains, sommeliers, managers, and other food & beverage and hospitality workers and professionals waiting to welcome tourists from Hong Kong with open arms (but with their masks on)
  • Thousands of Grab, Gojek, and taxi drivers who were going to ferry Hong Kong tourists from the airport to their accommodation, and all over Singapore during their holiday here
  • Thousands of aunties and uncles at hawker centres and food courts waiting to welcome the thousands of Hong Kong tourists because they love Singapore’s famous hawker fare and we love them for loving it

I apologise if I missed you out in the above categories.

Wishing you A Good Weekend.

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  1. Absolutely spot on Poh Tiong, thanks for this! I was delighted to read your incisive comments after also reading Leslie Fong’s polite observations on the Opinion page in ST yesterday. We need more people like you willing to speak up on behalf of the many unhappy but silent Singaporeans.

    To repeatedly use the excuse “Singapore needs foreign workers” is an insult to our intelligence. And to present statistics out of context is unforgivable!

  2. Finally, someone with the balls to say what people are repeating in their hearts!

    When was the last time a Singapore minister apologize or resign for his screw-ups? Not when Mas Selamat escaped, not when the youth Olympics went over budget, not when NOL sank…

  3. You are right . We need foreign labourers and domestic help and high-end People with unique skills sets , not your average foreign staff .

    We are sick of Papigs labelling us .

    We are not the sheeps on the Orwellian farm !
    We are highly skilled and educated Singaporeans !
    Please do not treat us as fools!

    We do not need the crowding out of jobs , space by the huge influx
    Of New citizens and PRs .

    Singapore is for Singaporeans!
    Singaporeans come first !

  4. smart idiots NEVER learn from mistakes..

    1. allowed chinaman tourist in from Wuhan , the centre epic of covid virus in February 2020.

    2. now they let Indians from india, the centre epic of Indian mutant.

    indian went toilet, 80 years old man infected, n immigration officers.

    3. did not lock down dormitories immediately after first case.

    • To be fair, when Wuhan tourists arrived here, the world was mot fully aware of the pandemic, so the Chinese were not to be blamed, and the Chinese came here to let us earn their tourists dollars.

  5. Haven’t heard anything yet from our PM

  6. Poh Tiong thank you for taking time to write those details, but it will not sink in to them – the 4G-MTF, because they cannot understand. If they do we will not be in this current situation. Recently even PM Lee still claim we are able to tackle the Covid-19 with our experience from handling Sars.
    The high salaries they are getting will not hurt them as compare to those listed earlier by you. People like hawkers, taxi drivers, part timers all depend on their daily takings to survive, to put food on the table! Rental rebates will not help it’s the loss of incomes that matters.
    The handouts are from the reserve, tax payers money not from their pockets.
    Why use South Asia for those coming here why not be specific of the country.
    They will never apologise and take ownership of wrong decisions made, but only divert attention to recent findings of virus airborne, have better mask filtration, spread out the vaccinations to provide more protection.
    Don’t these ministers have KPI to measure their performance and will PM Lee take the full responsibility as the one selecting them?

    • Ya, agree with your views but to be fair why only single out these four ministers? What about the rest of the ministers n especially the ministry in charge of immigration that approved the influx of Ceca into SG.

  7. Ya, they said we need them for the construction industries especially hdb. True. You bring in along with the killer virus to build. Who is going to live in those hdb if the variant when cannot contained killed half the would be hdb applicants?

  8. You forgot to mention thousands of students, who were looking forward to more interactions, now stuck at home again, e-learning alone in their bedrooms.
    Parents did not pay school fees to have their kids learn from home. Is the governement going to refund us?
    These arrogant incompetents must resign. All of them.

  9. Cut the CECA and stop all flights to and from India

    In the past we have Malaysian workers, Thai etc which help build our country ..

    Why now CECA that took away jobs from our students which gratudated from world renown universities FAR FAR above the so call SMART foreign talent..

    I am extremely concern for our young people

  10. Hey Poh Tiong

    You should write another piece on the misery inflicted on the whole population because of the current semi lockdown. Hawkers, retailers, F&B outlets are all suffering. Grandparents missing their grandchildren as only 2 can visit.

    Thousands of dollars spent on swab test, quarantine, deep cleaning, etc.

    Plus it has been established that the Changi Airport T3 cluster originated from a South Asian country, presumably India. Since this is a family travelling we can safely presume that they are possibly S pass holders or whatever. This begs the next question – is SG so short of talent that despite the dangers we continue to allow these so called “talent” into the country.

    I have said enough for now.

  11. For the safety of Singapore, agree with you except the lousy & misleading example of China milk powder – that was years back, that is why our SFA has strict control.

  12. It’s so easy to sit in the passenger sit and criticise how bad the driver is and very often, it’s the empty barrel that makes the most noise!

  13. you said it Poh Tiong! many thanks for the speech and representing majority of us! Our 4G government really needs to think harder for the people and not for themselves!

    • THANKYOU SIR… FOR STATING EVERYTHING IN OUR HEARTS. ……..Minister’s who dont even know where COTTON comes from OMG they are only in for the $. Other than that what have they done lies after lies…….SPEND our Tax payer’s $, DONATE our Tax payer’s $.Job as a Mayor’s with our Tax payer’s $….. Pap bcom RICH , CITIZEN’S POOR still get PEANUT’S as PAYCHK.

  14. Thank you for voicing out, appreciate it so much. Yes your speech represents all Singaporeans frustration. I believe all Singaporeans will support you.


  15. The government shld help to release our Cpf lockup money during this pandemic period ,no overtime,no sales commission,pay cut n many are jobless,at least fair enough release 30 to 50 per cent of our Cpf money for those above 55 yrs to survive,rather then we hv to pay high interest to money lenders and bank.

  16. I worked in the IT industry which are flooded with Indian PRs and newly minted citizens. They only hire their own and most of them are not loyal to Singapore. They have plans to retire back to their motherland. I am shocked when I walked into their conference room. They will all be speaking in Tamil until I walked into the room.

    Internally, I learnt from one of them that they scoffed at local Singaporeans when it comes to hiring and will always hire their own.

    I am not racist and have many good Indian friends.

    We know too well how all these CECA PRs and citizens are pro-PAP supporters. Were it not for the Indian electoral base supporting PAP, Marine Parade would have gone to the opposition

    Just stop the bloody CECA program.

    The government needs to put Singaporean first and not dishing out citizenships to these Indian migrants to shore up their electoral base.

  17. I am X Malaysian, x Singaporean now an Australian.
    I still have many families in Singapore.any always feel for Singaporeand. Good on you Poh Thing. I totally agreed with you especially about traditional source of foreign workers. Why India or China now. ?
    These irresponsible highly paid minister should be
    accountable for their pain it had caused to the
    Singaporeans. They should Go.

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    so he/she needs to be available that in detail, therefore that thing is maintained
    over here.

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