Saluting Gerard Basset

Welcome to EDITION 725 of GRAPEVINE

Last Monday 21 January 2019 in Hong Kong, before the start of dinner, 133 of us stood up to offer a toast to the memory of Gerard Basset.

 133 people stood up to offer a toast to Gerard Basset.

Our friend was a shining light whose flame continues to nourish us, to stoke our determination. 

Gerard was a  Master Sommelier (1989), Master of Wine (1998), World ChampionSommelier (2010), Order of the British Empire (2011), Decanter Man of the Year (2013), and Friend (forever).


In Hong Kong at Fook Lam Moon, Wanchai, on Monday 21 January 2019.


Gerard Basset 7 March 1957 – 16 January 2019

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