My Favourite Clan 7 Pairing

Roast Duck loves a red.

At Clan 7, you can order Quarter Duck ($15++), Half Duck ($29++), or Whole Duck ($56++).

Chateau La Tour de By 2015 ($89++) is a Bordeaux that bristles with cherry/berry/curranty fruit complete with a hint of tobacco.

The tannins are ripe and crisp, and together with the freshness, this Médoc will insatiably lap up the meat and crisp skin of the roast duck.

Decant Chateau La Tour de By 2015, 15 to 30 minutes ahead. The aeration will help the fruit to open up.

Situated on Bordeaux’s Left Bank, Chateau La Tour de By has a history going back to the 16th Century.

The entire menu and beverage list of Clan 7 can be accessed at

I declare my interest that I am wine consultant to Clan 7 and COLLIN’S.

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