Music of the Week • When will I see you again

With so many countries in the world banning visitors or, if allowing them in, imposing a quarantine, most of us have been cancelling trips. And not able to make new ones. Even if you live in the same country, you may have difficulty visiting family, loved ones, and friends because of the lockdown. Today’s Music of the Week seems an appropriate song for our time. I used to dance to this forty years ago. At the height of the disco craze. It was normally the last song until Donna Summer’s Last Dance came out later in 1978. When Will I See You Again was released earlier in 1974. It’s a short song and, to be honest, the lyrics are a bit tacky. Certainly not poetic nor particularly witty. There is, however, an innocence and honesty to When Will I See You Again that speaks straight from the heart.  When The Three Degrees perform their hit, your eyes can’t help but be riveted on them even as your feet are taping and your heart pounding away. Just now, our world has never been more united. In fear. Of coronavirus. We live day to day. Our lives have become precarious. I thought about the special people in my life when, last night, I visited

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