Football fans protest as a legendary restaurant loses a Michelin star - Lonely Planet
Paul Bocuse (11 February 1926 -20 January 2018)

France24, the English version, is a news station I listen to and watch daily.

Apart from politics, there is very good coverage of culture, cuisine and woman’s issues.

I have just come across a video which I think you will enjoy.

It’s about Lyon, the capital of French cuisine.

Featuring a 1 Michelin star restaurant where one of the chef owners is a Brazilian. You will also be introduced to other wonderful eateries of the city.

And – as this is Lyon – the influence Paul Bocuse (11 February 1926 -20 January 2018) continues to have on French gastronomy.

Bocuse’s restaurant is just outside the city.

In Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or.

The bridge before the restaurant is named after the great man.

This is how highly regarded chefs are in France.

I have visited Paul Bocuse on three occasions

The first time, he was standing in front of the culinary temple.

And welcomed us with open arms.

A very happy Singaporean 

The last visit was with our daughter. Unfortunately, she did not get to meet Bocuse as he was not well and resting in his house above the restaurant.

Every visit has been unforgettable.

Long Live Classic French Cuisine!

Wishing you A Very Good Week Ahead.



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