Esperance de Trotanoy Vertical 

Esperance de Trotanoy Vertical 

This vertical took place on Friday 21 Febraury 2020 at the office of Etablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix in Quai du Priourat. The quay is next to the Dordogne River in the town of Libourne, the heart of the wine trade of the Right Bank. The sky was blue and the air crisp but not overly cold. Not long after I arrived at the tasting room, Christian Moueix came in to say hello. As it was a while since we last saw each other, we chatted for about 15 minutes before Christian left for a meeting. Esperance de Trotanoy is the second wine of Chateau Trotanoy. The first vintage was 2009. This vertical ends with 2017. No 2013 was produced. When Esperance is made, the output is between 300 and 600 (12-bottle) cases a year. None of the wine was decanted before the tasting. Below is the order in which I arranged the sequence for the tasting.

Christian Moueix is proprietor of Chateau Trotanoy, one of Pomerol and Bordeaux’s greatest reds.

Etablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix is located in Quai du Priourat, next to the Dordogne River in Libourne.

Edouard Moueix (son of Christian) and Frederic Lospied, Export Director of Etablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2009

Mint, blackcurrant cassis, autumn leaf and tobacco notes. Sweetness of ripe fruit. Remarkable freshness for a heatwave year. Balanced. Medium-plus-ish bodied. Now to 2030.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2011

Aromatic, including sandalwood. Delicate, lifted sweetness of blue/black fruit. Balanced. Medium-plus-ish. Nice evolution but will continue to age into 2025 although drinking deliciously now. Now to 2025.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2012

Sandalwood on the nose again. The fruit has a hint of leather. Drier on the finish and less charming than 2011. Now to 2025.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2017 

Blue/black fruit with a touch of vanilla from the oak. This is not surprising as being so very young, the wood is not yet completely integrated into the fruit and structure of the wine. Fresh. Now to 2035.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2014 TO

Fragrant sandalwood but not as perfumed as 2011. Soft sweetness of fruit that is still a bit tight.  Buoyed by freshness. Next window between 2023 and 2025. And then to 2035.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2010 

Lovely sweetness of ripe blue fruit. Intensity. Very youthful. Richness of tannins and fruit. To wait. Next window of opportunity is 2025. And then to 2040.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2015

Very vibrant and very fruity. Rich, ripe tannins. Impressive. About full-bodied. Star of the tasting. Next window is 2025. And then to 2055.

Esperance de Trotanoy 2016

More forward than 2015. Whiff of sandalwood. The sweetness of fruit has a hint of tobacco. Medium-plus bodied. At the moment, 2015 is the more impressive but it would be interesting to taste the pair side by side down the years to see if the wines keep up with each other, or even if 2016 may overtake 2015. Next window is 2025. And then to 2055.

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