Pagoda Benjiu

Pagoda Benjiu is one of Shaoxing’s top rice wine. It is 12-15 years old and 15% in alcohol.

Perfume of almonds, white flowers, a hint of vanilla and honey. The elegant, subtle, complex flavours are very persistent. Both the colour and palate remind of sherry. Amontillado, Palo Cortado or Oloroso. You decide.

The delicate sweetness of Pagoda Benjiu makes it an outstanding pairing with many different dishes including fish, seafood, dried shrimps, salted fish, pickles, spicy dishes and sweet and sour. It is also absolutely delicious on its own.

Enjoy between cool and cold. Best in a wine glass.

Pagoda is Shaoxing’s most respected and largest rice wine brand. Located in Xing He Qiao, the back of the winery hugs the bank of Lake Jian or Jianhu. The pristine water of this natural lake goes into every bottle of Pagoda.

Annual production is about 5 million litres. Every bottle of Pagoda is manually produced. No machinery. Pagoda was the first Shaoxing wine to be exported in the 1950s. Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Europe and North America are important markets.

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