Cognac Frapin • 22 September 2022

Patrice Piveteau is one of the most respected and complete grand masters of cognac.  About half his lifetime ago in 1991, he joined bejewelled Cognac Frapin as Vineyard Manager. Was later promoted to Master Blender and finally Cellarmaster, the person who holds the key to “Paradis”.  You transform from a mere mortal to angel (with wings) when destiny so intervenes. Except Piveteau is not just another cellarmaster. He is custodian to Cognac Frapin, which originates from 1270 and counts the firebrand writer Rabelais as part of its ancestry. On top of all that glittering heritage, Frapin only produces cognac from its own 240-hectare vineyard in one contiguous plot. Every single vine in Premier – First Growth – Grande Champagne 🙀🙀 Cognac Frapin is that CRAZY 🚀🚀 

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