Champagne Laurent-Perrier Le Grand Seicle “24”

Created by the late Bernard de Nonancourt in the 1950s and launched in 1959, Grand Siecle is one of the greatest, most ingenious champagnes ever made. Knowing full well the vagaries of the weather and how Champagne can deliver vast differences from one vintage to the next, Nonancourt concluded that Nature was too unpredictable and unreliable to produce an outstanding Champagne every year. So, he thought up the idea of blending three complementary vintages so that their separate, individual characteristics would yield a greater whole. “24” is the first time that Laurent-Perrier has identified and attributed Grand Siecle to the three harvests –  2007, 2006, and 2004 – that have gone to produce the wine. What’s more, the Tours sur Marne house has established a website for all things related to their prestige cuvée. Check it out at Light bright gold. Vanilla, hint of smokiness, ripe apples, citrus, and insatiable vivacity. Delicious now, and with great ageing potential. Will be launched in Hong Kong on 17 September, and then in Singapore and Shanghai in October 2019.

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