Babich Marlborough Pinot Noir 2017

A simple wine opened at the right time will always be more rewarding than a greater wine served too young. In the latter scenario, you may be able to detect potential, but potential before it is fully evolved is merely a mental exercise, not a realised moment. Time – like truth – does not like to be circumvented nor cheated. The Babich family made its first wine in New Zealand in 1916, slightly more than a hundred years ago. Still family-owned and now into its third generation, it all started with Josip Babich who landed in Auckland when just 14 years young (to join his three brothers who were already there) from Dalmatia – in present day Croatia – where I believe parts of Games of Thrones are shot. Ruby with a tawny tinge, the evolved fruit reminds of autumn leaves and soft raspberries and cherries. There is a gentle but crisp grip of tannins on the finish that makes this a delicious pairing with chicken, duck, lamb and beef. Medium-bodied and drinking very nicely now.

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