Airport Back to Normal

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Greetings from just back from Hong Kong yesterday.

Luckily, the airport was back to normal and scheduled flights all departing.

Whatever the concerns and demands of the protesters, making innocent third parties miss their flights to go home to their families (or offices) was not an astute move.

There must, surely, be more intelligent ways to put your message across and win people over to your cause.

Hong Kong City and Hong Kong Airport are two of my favourite destinations.

The city is generally safe, clean, and has an efficient transportation system.

As for the airport, the new food court after immigration is great. With authentic, delicious food, and reasonable prices for airport fare.

Hong Kong Airport yesterday, Thursday 15 August 2019

A new food court – after immigration – has been unveiled.


Passport Needed Everywhere

Prior to going over to Hong Kong, I was in China visiting wineries in Xinjiang and Ningxia.

If you decide to do the same, do be informed that you will need to have your passport on you wherever you go in Xinjiang. At police roadblocks, you will be asked to show it.

As for travel throughout the rest of the country, you will now also be photographed whenever you check into a hotel.

You can also expect flights to be delayed.

On all the seven that I took on the recent trip – to, within, and out of China – every flight was delayed. The longest delay was almost three hours.

What this could mean is that you may end up missing a connecting flight. Or, at the very least, having dinner with your hosts 2 to 3 hours after the original appointed time.

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.

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