A Wonderful, Little Change


Last month, I made a conscious decision to effect a change in my life.

I suppose you could call it a resolution as it was close to a new year but, to be perfectly honest, it had seemed rather ridiculous to make a change in one’s outlook just because you are coming to year’s end.

What I am trying to say is that if you feel you need to make changes, just do it. Whenever. Time waits for no woman nor man. If something needs fixing, don’t procrastinate nor postpone it any further.

The decision I undertook was this.

To not look at the mobile phone nor notebook when I was having breakfast.

I wanted just to relax and enjoy the café latte and piece of toast, kueh or pastry which are my normal breakfast. (I make the latte with two shots of expresso and some full cream fresh milk).

Since last month, the latte and whatever I eat have tasted so much more. I am no longer distracted. My attention is not somewhere else.

I am now happier and more contented for making this little – but pronounced – change in my life. That change has encouraged me to look for more changes I can possibly undertake. It is very encouraging.

The Lunar New Year of the Rat starts this Saturday 25 January 2020.

Wishing you A Very Good Week Ahead.


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