Domaine Louis Latour

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Domaine Louis Latour Corton-Charlemagne 2009

Bright light gold. Layers on the nose and palate. Stone fruit, honey, nutty, and smoky vanilla notes. Intensity of fruit and persistence. A light creaminess in texture which will become more succulent and sumptuous with time. Round freshness which is impressive given that 2009 was a very hot vintage.

Domaine Louis Latour Romanee-Saint-Vivant 2007

Lively light raspberries with a hint of autumn leaves. Delicious soft sweetness of fruit. Tannins in good balance. Not a big wine – doesn’t need to be – and given the challenges of the vintage, an incredible accomplishment. Maison Louis Latour continues to pasteurize their wines (red but not white) and should consider abandoning this process so that the fruit will be vivacious and shine even more. The domaine was founded in 1797 and had only produced wines from vineyards that it owned. In 1867, they expanded the business and became a négociant, setting up offices at 18 ru des Tonneliers in Beaune where they continue to prosper today. Since 1998, Domaine Louis Latour  – proprietor of 48 hectares in Burgundy – has committed itself to sustainable winegrowing by signing up to the Farre farms circuit (Forum de l’Agriculture Raisonnée Respectueuse de l’Environnement).

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