WHO Complains

Pandemic Update!

The Guardian – one of the world’s leading newspapers particularly renowned for its investigative journalism – has just reported that officials within the World Health Organisation complained in internal meetings during the week of 6 January 2020 that Beijing was not sharing important data needed to evaluate the risk of Covid 19 to the rest of the world.

Click here to read full story in The Guardian.

Outwardly, the WHO was praising China for its response to the outbreak.

Recordings of internal deliberations within the WHO was obtained by the Associated Press.

Time being crucial in containing and curtailing the spread of coronavirus, it was not until 20 January that China confirmed the virus was contagious and 30 January before the World Health Organisation declared a global emergency.

Meanwhile, the Lunar New Year of the Rat was ushered in on 25 January 2020.

If the Chinese Government had lockdown earlier and ban Chinese from travelling to other provinces within China – and to other countries – could Covid 19 had spread to the rest of the world?

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