Romanee-Conti Wine


One of the most unforgettable wines I have ever had was Romanée-Conti 1966.

It was a cool, starry night in Paris on 8 September 1997 when the car decanted me in front of La Tour d’Argent.

The occasion was to celebrate the 30th Anniversay of Jean-Claude Rouzaud being at the helm of his family-owned Champagne Roederer.

The assembled guests were served Cristal Rosé 1982 and Cristal 1979 from magnums.

Two reds were also served at dinner.

Depending on where you sat, the wines/vintages were different.

Mine was presided over by Aubert de Villaine.

Other guests included Hugh Johnson and the beautiful Anne-Claude Leflaive (1956 – 2015), who sat next to me.

The reds on my table were Petrus 1990 and Romanee-Conti 1966.

At the Petrus table – headed by owner Jean-Francois Moueix – the vintages were reversed. It was Petrus 1966 and Romanee-Conti 1990.

We were the only two tables that had Romanée-Conti. All the others had two Bordeaux.

I leave you to determine which two of the Petrus/Romanée-Conti table was luckier.

A clue perhaps.

Romanee-Conti Year of the Horse 1966 was pure, unafraid strawberry fruit. Silky and magnificently fine, when we drank the gift, the world stopped revolving for a while. In order to salute its greatness. Magic.

The final wine – as with the bubblies – was enjoyed by one and all.

Yquem Year of the Dragon 1988.


Singapore has the most expensive politicians on earth.

Cabinet members are the highest paid in the world.

In that sense, they can be described as “Romanee-Conti Politicians”.

A Singapore cabinet minister is paid an annual salary of S$1.1 million (US$790,000).

This means at the end of every day, he gets S$3,000.

Every 365 days.

The Singapore Prime Minister’s annual salary is S$2.2 million (US$1.58 m).

This means every 24/7, he gets S$6,000.

Every 365 days.

The President of the USA is paid an annual US$400,000.

This means every Singapore cabinet minister is paid twice as much as Donald Trump.

And that the Singapore Prime Minister is remunerated four times as much as Barack Obama was.

The Government of Singapore rules over 5.5 million people.

The President of the USA rules over 326 million people.

Wishing you A Very Good Week Ahead.

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