Not a Picnic

Welcome to EDITION 742 of GRAPEVINE

Rain clouds over Chateau Beychevlle

Tomorrow, Saturday 24 August 2019, we are organisers of The Great Bordeaux 2016 Tasting here in Singapore.

350 participants will be able to taste 33 wines.

Participants need to focus on the task at hand and not waste precious time chatting with friends (who they can talk to another time).

Tasting is as much mental as it is physical.

It is not easy to focus in a crowded space and when there is so much noise and other distractions.

I find it – whether tasting in a sit-down situation or one where you move around – that it is crucial to lock yourself away into your own universe.

I will still bring myself to smile to a friend or acquaintance but, sorry, that’s all I can really afford because of the work at hand. If that still seems rude to some people, that’s the price to pay.

I find it very irritating when people treat a wine tasting like a Sunday picnic. There are such events but they are not tastings. They are exhibitions or fairs. In those scenarios, it’s legitimate to treat them like a picnic because they are.

But, a wine tasting is what it is, a wine tasting. Like a tutorial or discussion (albeit with other people in those cases).

You have to come prepared. And prepared to work.

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.

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