Starting Monday 8 June 2020, travellers from Singapore can fly to China – and vice versa – without having to undergo quarantine upon arrival.

The “fast lane” agreement between the two countries applies only to six Chinese municipalities and provinces:


Visits are confined to business and official travel.

The business organisation or government entity sponsoring the trip must apply for approval from the respective authorities on behalf of the traveller.

Travellers must also submit an itinerary that must be adhered to.

Visitors will also have to be tested and bear the cost of those tests.

Travellers from China must undergo a Covid-19 swab test 48 hours before departure, and another swab test when they land at Singapore Changi Airport.

The same rules apply to travellers from Singapore to China.

Upon arrival, travellers must remain in isolation in accommodation at a non-residential address which they have sourced for themselves – and declared in advance – for one to two days until the swab test result is known.

If found to be infected with Covid-19 upon landing in Singapore or China, they will be hospitalised and will have to pay for their treatment.


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