No Grand Marnier Here


No Grand Marnier Here

The most exalted salesman or saleswoman I know is a head of state.

Whether a president or prime minister – even a reigning monarch – they are always trying to get businesses to invest in, or tourists to visit, their country.

That is a very important job.

A responsible president or prime minister knows that if no one invests, or spends money, in their country, disgruntled citizens would regard as failures. And vote them out of office (although kings and queens are exempt from this kind of censure).

A salesperson should therefore be mindful that the only reason he/she has a job is to sell things. If they don’t, there will be nothing to pay them with.

Not a Moment’s Reflection

Last Monday afternoon, returning from Paris, I popped into DFS or Duty-Free Singapore because I wanted to buy a litre of Grand Marnier.

I looked around, couldn’t see any and, incredulous, thought “how can they possibly have delisted this delicious spirit?”

I then asked a young salesman if there was any Grand Marnier.

Without batting an eyelid, he said “No”.

This, I thought rather strange as most young people (he would have been about 25) in Singapore do not appreciate Grand Marnier nor, usually, know what it is. The salesman did not look around nor ask his colleagues which increased my suspicion.

I went round the stands again and, rather quickly, located Grand Marnier.

The “liquer” gondola was actually very near the salesman who had so instantly said “No” and who was now busy talking to two of his colleagues. There were very few customers in the shop at the time.

Quite simply, the salesman was a waste of time.

He should never had been hired in the first place.

The salesman was completely disinterested in the needs of his customer and his job, was lazy, and quite simply, hopeless.

Always rely on yourself when all else fails.

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.

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