New Rating System


You may have noticed – this past week – a new Rating System.

There are several reasons for the change.

I love samurai movies – particularly the classics – and ninjas.

Another reason is because we tend to light-heartedness when we have a glass of champagne, wine, whisky, cognac, brandy … 

Conversation and jokes flow as casually as what is in the bottle. That being so, I thought to inject fun into the Rating System.

Another change is the way I describe things. Language.

When something is “Exceptional”, I hardly use that expression to reflect the awe.

101-year old “Killer”

I am more likely to say Killer

Which, together with Crazy, I reserve for the best. Some people veer towards “Outrageous”, or when Michael Jackson was around, “Bad”.

Those descriptions are more colourful and just more emotive.

Having said that, some people – including many of my generation – do not talk or think like that. So, having trialled the new Rating System with the new descriptions, I felt it needed some getting used to (quite apart from the appearance of the stealthy ninjas).

Accordingly, we now place the old descriptions alongside the new ones led by “Killer” and “Crazy”.

I hope you find many such champagne, wine, whisky, cognac, brandy …

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.

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