Music of the Week • Most Streamed Beatles Song

George Harrison wrote most streamed Beatles song.

Greetings from the south of France.

Earlier in the week – on Monday – the thermometer shot to 22° Celcius! In early February!!

The reason was a warm gust of wind that blew in from Morocco, Africa.

Nobody complained. I went out in a T-Shirt. (And trousers).

As for today’s Music of the Week, we have George Harrison to thank for.

Written in early 1969 and featured on the album Abbey Road of the same year, Harrison composed the song at the country house of his friend Eric Clapton where he had gone because he did not want to attend a meeting in London at the Beatles’ Apple Records organization.

Here Comes the Sun is the most streamed Beatles song in the United Kingdom. As of September 2019, it enjoyed over 50 million plays.

Savour the sunshine.

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