Where to … Eat • Cremona’s Best Restaurant

My favourite restaurant in Cremona is family-owned and family-managed by wife and husband Marie-Laura & Claudio Nevi.

I have only visited the city twice, the first time last 5 October 2019 and the second occasion on 28 January 2020.

I had driven to Cremona last week for the sole purpose of dining at Osteria La Sosta which was opened in 1988 on 9 via Sicardo. Check out their Italian/English website at www.osterialasosta.it/en-gb/restaurant.

Proprietors of Osteria La Sosta, Marie-Laura & Claudio Nevi.

My first visit was purely musical.

Having always enjoyed violin concertos and sonatas, it was simply too tempting not to detour to the birthplace of Antonio Stradivari after visiting Bellavista in Franciacorta.

We had ended up in Osteria La Sosta because the first restaurant – although also highly recommended – the menu was not so interesting.

Cremona is an intimate place with a piazza disproportionately large for a town. Who is going to complain when the Piazza del Commune has so many fine architecture. The Violin Museum is just a short walk from here. Osteria La Sosta is located in one of the small lanes.

Piazza del Commune at night

My latest visit, the last day, I popped into a record shop selling vinyl and T-shirts. I found one of Led Zeppelin and told the proprietor that the night before, I had dinner at La Sosta. He didn’t blink an eyelid before announcing, “Cremona’s Best Restaurant”.

Museo del Violino

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