Mandatory PCR Test


Greetings from back in the south of France after completing our inaugural Great Champagne Tour 2021 and our second Great Bordeaux Tour 2021.

The participants – as far as I can tell – had a great time.

Last week, I discovered not every Singapore Airlines flight from Paris to Changi is an approved VTL flight.

Just as well then that I changed this coming Wednesday’s flight to Sunday 14 November 2021 because that is an approved one.

Yesterday, I booked my PCR Test with a laboratory in the nearest town to my house.

There’s also a laboratory in the village but the company’s website does not allow for online reservation for the village lab, only the one in the larger town of Draguignan.

As I need the PCR Test before being able to board the flight, I don’t want to risk turning up this Friday at the village laboratory and be turned away for whatever reason.

As such, I booked with the laboratory in Draguignan with an appointed time.

I hope all goes well on Friday.

I also hope – when I get back – the Singapore authorities will renew dining-in for 5 people (or more).

It would be nice, when I get back, to go to dinner with the family and also invite two of my sisters along.

Wishing you A Very Good Week.


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