Goodbye Li Wenliang


Dr Li Wenliang left behind a 5-year old son, wife, and their second unborn child.

Last Friday, someone died in Wuhan trying – when he was alive – to warn us against a virus that was going to kill many more people.

Instead of listening to him, the Chinese authorities – like they did in 2003 – arrested the good doctor.

When he died at 2.58 am China Time on 7 February 2020, they tried again to cover that up.

Li Wenliang left behind a 5-year young son, wife, and their second unborn child. Who he will never see nor hold in his arms.

This is what a government does to you when they specialise in arresting good people.

Their other serial speciality is covering up.

Today’s GrapeVine is a multiple choice questionnaire.

1. What is the name of the doctor* who published a 800-word letter in 2003 about a cover-up by the Chinese Government of SARS?
A.         Wen Jiabao
B.         Jiang Yanyong

*It has been reported this month – February 2020 – that he has been placed under house arrest in Beijing

2. How old was Dr Li Wenliang* when he died of coronavirus on 7 February 2020?
A.         34
B.         43

3. As of 6 am China Time Friday 7 December, how many people read the hashtag “Dr Li Wenliang has passed away”?
A.         6 million
B.         670 million

4. If Dr Li Wenliang’s warning had been heeded – instead of him being arrested by the police and told to keep quiet – do you think the situation would be better or worse now?
A.         No different
B.         Worse
C.         Better

5. When do you think the next health epidemic will be in China?
A.         10 years
B.         20 years
C.         30 years

6. Do you think the Chinese Government will be transparent about the next health outbreak. Or cover up the situation again?
A.         Be transparent
B.         Cover up

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