Franco Nino Brut Grave di Stecca 2008

This is the single-vineyard Prosecco that surrounds Villa Barberina, the hotel managed by Annalisa Bolla Franco, wife of Primo Franco (and next to their home). There is actually nothing remotely Prosecco about this exceptional wine. Except that it is, of course, Prosecco by definition, geography, and DOCG. But this is not the sugary, bubble-gum juice that most commercial Proseccos have become. On the contrary, Grave di Stecca defies all that is Prosecco. It is – quite simply – a great wine. Produced in the charmat method – with ageing on lees and at an original 5.5 atmospheres that is very close to the pressure of Champagne – Grave di Stecca is evolved, nutty, smoky, creamy, fine, long, and utterly irresistible. The variety is entirely glera. The attraction is devastating!

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