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One has died and the other remains “disappeared”. Dr AI Fen (left) and Dr LI Wenliang worked at the Wuhan Central Hospital.


Two of the most democratic places on earth are South Korea and Taiwan.

Inhabitants there enjoy freedom of expression, movement, and thought.

South Korea and Taiwan also have freedom of the press. Both have charged, prosecuted and imprisoned corrupt former presidents.

The opposites of South Korea and Taiwan are North Korea and China respectively.

Their presidents are unelected.


One of the most effective measures of controlling the coronavirus pandemic is to completely lockdown a city, town, or village.

China has won a lot of praise for being able to do that.

So much so that people now wonder if an authoritarian regime might not be the best form of governance.

This is a false narrative.

Because an authoritarian, repressive regime is what caused the problem in the first place.

If you don’t have the cause, you won’t need the consequence.

Dr AI Fen and LI Wenliang

Last December 2019, Dr AI Fen and Dr LI Wenliang shared Wechat messages with their medical friends of the outbreak of Covid 19 at Wuhan Central Hospital where they worked.

Dr Li Wenliang was arrested by the police and later died of Covid 19 while treating patients. Dr Ai Fen was the first to sound the alarm and was also reprimanded. She remains “disappeared” since March 2020.

If you still believe having an authoritarian, repressive government  – specializing in cover-ups and arresting people – is the best way to control the coronavirus pandemic, I invite you to take part in this quiz.

A. If Dr AI Fen and Dr LI Wenliang were working in South Korea and Taiwan and shared text messages with friends about the coronavirus outbreak last December 2019, would they had been arrested by the police for “spreading rumours”.

Yes ◻︎                  No ◻︎

B. Would Dr AI Fen and Dr LI Wenliang be able – last December 2019 – to speak to the media to warn inhabitants in South Korea and Taiwan about the new coronavirus?

Yes ◻︎                  No ◻︎

C. Would Dr AI Fen and Dr LI Wenliang – in speaking to the media in South Korea and Taiwan – be arrested by the police?

Yes ◻︎                  No ◻︎

D. If the Chinese Government had lockdown Wuhan when they first learnt of the coronavirus outbreak last December 2019, would the rest of China – and then the rest of the world – be in the situation we are in now?

Yes ◻︎                  No ◻︎

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