Cognac Courvoisier XO

I first visited Courvoisier about 30 years ago. The cognac is not situated in Cognac but in Jarnac. The spirit produced in the two towns can carry the appellation Cognac. It’s a bit like Barsac and Sauternes, both being able to be known as Sauternes. Courvoisier is one of the best XOs you can experience. The oak is not overdone. Instead, the fruit is dominant and includes orange and orange peel. Floral notes too. The sweetness, again, is nicely checked. So too the vanilla. About full-bodied, Courvoisier XO comprises spirit between 11 and 25 years. Gold Medal winner at the San Franciso World Spirits Competition in 2014 and 2016. Courvoisier is owned by Japanese drinks giant Suntory.

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