Champagne William Deutz Meurtet 2012

The wine is 15 years in the making. In October 2017, speaking to The Drinks Business, CEO of Champagne Deutz Fabrice Rosset explained, “When we do the blending  following the harvest we have all these wines to choose from and it just happens that pinot noir from these two plots always come out well. I said to myself this is so delicious why don’t we explore the possibility of a single grape and single vineyard. So after 15 years of observation of these two plots, we decided to keep some for a vintage”. The two vineyards – La Cote Glaciere (1.92 ha) and Meurtet (2.42 ha) – are just above the winery that is built on a slope. The bunches of fruit capture lots of light from above and warmth from the ground too. Ripe, round, but also fresh. Hints of quince, citrus compote, apple cider, and star anise. Already, a delicate creamy texture.


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