Champagne Mousse Fils Blanc de Noirs L’Or Eugene

This non-vintage flaghship, the solera was started in 2003 and comprises wines up to the 2017 harvest. Refreshed every year, the last harvest would make up 50% of the blend. Originally called Carte Or and then Or Tradition, it was later changed to its present name to honour the founder of the house which dates back to 1923. The Mousse Family – what a name for a Champagne producer – has been in the Marne Valley almost 400 years ago since 1629. The blend is 80% pinot meunier (for which the family specializes) and 20% pinot noir. Very accessible now, very fruity – including red fruits and a hint of apricot – very ripe and succulent. In spite of its full-body and forward fruitiness, the dosage is very low, just 4 g/l which is almost Brut Nature (which can be up to 3 g/l).  Opening second bottle tonight. Cheers!

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