Champagne Fleury Brut Nature

The Fleury family is based in the Cotes de Bar in the south of Champagne. They have been growing grapes since 1895 and only started bottling their own wine in 1929. This was because grape prices were so low during the Depression that Robert Fleury thought it more economically viable to produce his own wine. Ninety years later, he has been proven right, Champagne Fleury being a much admired brand. The base wine for this Brut Nature (less than 3 g/l of sugar) is of the 2013 vintage.The blend is 85% pinot noir and 15% chardonnay. Fifty-six percent of the wine was aged in large oak casks. Bottled in July 2014, it was disgorged four years later in July 2018. Champagne Fleury has been farmed biodynamically since 1989. Limes and lemons. Fruity but also very dry. Brut Nature or Brut Zero is something of an acquired taste. Very trendy, the wines can sometimes be too tart for their own good. Not, I am happy to inform, in the case of Fleury Brut Nature.

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