Champagne Deutz Demi-Sec 2008

The medium-sweet and sweet categories of Champagne are dwindling because of the modern preference for drier wines. Just as we should be colour-blind in our dealings with fellow human beings, we should identify quality in wine by its overall balance rather than whether it is dry or less dry. This is not to say that putting dry wines ahead of sweeter wines is not important. Just that we should always look at a wine holisticallythan just breaking it up into clinical parts. Vintage 2008 is one of the greatest in the last 50 years. Champagne Deutz only uses the first pressing for their Demi-Sec(as with all their other cuvées). The sweetness is more of fruitiness than anything else, including apples, pears, mirabelle and quince. The dosage of 42 g/l is in complete harmony with the fruit and remarkable freshness. Delicious on its own and excellent with Peking Duck, Sichuan and Hunan dishes, Cantonese suckling piglet and honey-glazed roast char siew.

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