Champagne Andre Clouet Un Jour de 1911 

It must have been something like 15 years ago I first had a bottle of Champagne Andre Clouet. It was in Paris. I was drawn to the label, like a helpless insect to the light. The labels were, and remain, artistic, classic, and incredibly tasteful. So too the wines. Solid, honest, truthful, no bling, nor reductive to the point where the fruit is suffocated and gasping for air. On the contrary, this is a serious, delicious, outstanding wine (before it was transformed into a bubbly). Founded in 1741, and based in Bouzy, the Grand Cru village in the Montagne de Reims particularly treasured for its pinot noir, Champagne Andre Clouet Un Jour de 1911 refers to a discovery of an old cuvée that was hidden away for more than 80 years. The re-creation Un Jour de 1911 or “One Day in 1911” is dedicated to the epoch of that wine. Indeed, the label is reminiscent of those Belle Epoque days. A Grand Cru pure pinot noir, Un Jour de 1911 commands immediate attention as soon as you sip it. Mealy, brioche, rich, fresh, and dry. Instantly authoritative. A champagne for aficionados and connoisseurs who love classic bubbly. Serve in a white wine glass, even a Burgundy ballon.

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