Benjamin Glynn, model prisoner?


 Benjamin Glynn – on an MRT train on 7 May 2021 – unmasked himself as a “Sovereign, Living Man” above Singapore law

On Wednesday 18 August 2021, Singapore learnt that British national Benjamin Glynn was convicted of all charges against him and sentenced to six week’s jail.

The sentence was backdated to 19 July when he was first remanded.

Glynn was released and has been deported, or is pending deportation.

His sentence was reduced by a third.

Under Singapore’s CRS or Conditional Remission System:

“An early release may be granted if a prisoner shows good conduct and behaviour while serving his sentence”

Was Benjamin Glynn a model prisoner?

On 2 July 2021 when first charged with not wearing a mask on an MRT train, British national Benjamin Glynn left the court not wearing a mask again

On the day of his trial two days ago, District Judge Eddy Tham ruled Glynn “completely misguided” in his beliefs he was not subject to Singapore’s mask-wearing laws, that he was, instead, under “some higher law”.

The British national had claimed to be a “sovereign, living man” and Singapore law had “no effect” on him.

Benjamin Glynn was found guilty of:

  • Failing to wear a mask
  • Being a public nuisance  
  • Using threatening words towards a public servant

On 9 May 2021, when two police officers went to Glynn’s condominium to interview him over not wearing a mask on 7 May while on an MRT train – after initially cooperating – he turned aggressive and said to them:

“I will fucking drop anyone who tries to cuff me”

At his trial two days ago, Deputy Public Prosecutor Timotheus Koh was scathing of Glynn’s behaviour.

He urged the court to send a clear message that Glynn’s actions were unacceptable, that Singapore’s efforts to fight the pandemic would be “squandered” if others similarly flouted the laws with such “impunity”.

Also on Wednesday 18 August 2021, a woman friend of Benjamin Glynn was led out of the courtroom after she refused to put her mask back on when it came undone.

When escorted out of the court, she shouted it was a “kangaroo court”, that she did not respect the judge.

It would, however, seem Benjamin Glynn was a model prisoner and deserving of having his 6 week’s sentence reduced.

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