An Historic Vintage

Vintage 2011 is an historic wine for CHATEAU CHEVAL BLANC.

The year was the inaugural harvest to be produced at the futuristic winery designed by French architect Christian de Portzamparc.

For the very first time also, all 45 plots in the 39-hectuare vineyard – planted to 52% Cabernet Franc, 43% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon in a patchwork of clay, gravel and sand – were fermented in 45 bespoke vats custom-made to do just that.

The goal of precision winegrowing and winemaking were achieved as never before at the Saint-Emilion estate. And continues to this day.


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A great wine is defined not so much by power but rather intensity and persistence. Powerful, overly concentrated wines are jarring and monotonous. After two or three sips, our interest wanes as it taste the same (like eating three bowls of rice). Such wines do not emphasize freshness as they explode in our mouths. Freshness is the quality that keeps a wine fascinating, shimmering, dancing, changing in the glass. I had not tasted Cheval Blanc 2011 since the spring of 2012. And did so again 24 March 2023. How it has grown! There is still a hint of a floral aspect. And a whisper of the red fruits that were in full display when an infant. They have now evolved into the most delicious cherries. The wave after wave of fruit is flushed by silky tannins and insatiable freshness. Cheval Blanc 2011, poise, finesse, elegance and great presence. The blend is 52% Cabernet Franc and 48% Merlot.

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